Mega Ball Game

How it works

  • This game will be played before the crystal ball game
  • Letter “M” pattern with NO b’s or o’s being used
  • The first I ball called on the Super Jackpot Game will be the MEGA BALL #
  • All sales will close before the start of the superjackpot
  • The game must be won ON the MEGA BALL #
  • If not won on MEGA BALL a consolation prize will be awarded and the MEGA BALL POT will continue to grow
  • Player must have last ball called on their card


  • Dabbing – $2/single strip
  • Teds – $6/three strip

*Full Rules of Play always available in bingo main office

We offer special games on all our regular sessions, as follows:

  • U-Pick-Em
  • Super Jackpot
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Mega Ball Jackpot
  • Toonie Ball

U-Pick Em

Played on computer printout paper. The U-Pick-Em game is played once during a bingo session. Cards are $1.00 each; 8 numbers per card are chosen by the player. Consolation prize is based on total U-Pick-Em session sales with 50% of the total sales to be used as prize money. The first player(s) to dab all 8 numbers inĀ 18 numbers or less wins $20,000. Consolation prize is then played.