Upon the approval from Health Canada FWFN will be allowed to reopen with restrictions and regulations in place.

Fort William First Nation Mountain Bingo and its staff would adhere to all new Covid-19 Measures stated herein and/or any new or additional measures required from the Covid-19 Emergency Response Team Manager.

Mountain Bingo Changes are as follows

  • Only the main entrance will be used to come into the building – all other entrances are exit only!
  • Mountain Bingo is now a smoke free facility

Door Monitor

  • As people come to our establishment, they will be required to wear a mask OR Face Shield where a mask can not be worn.
  • Hands sanitized
  • Covid-19 questions asked
  • Name and Phone number taken down for each event and dated (this information will be held for 30 days post event date as per requirements via Health Canada)


  • The canteen services will be available
  • Orders can be placed at main window and picked up from the other window (aka non-smoking side window) this is to allow the flow of traffic at the canteen.
  • Customers will be asked to be seated until their order is called out.
  • Customers will be asked to please maintain social distancing when ordering and pick up of orders.


  • All staff will wear masks or safety shields for the duration of their shifts
  • All staff will sanitize after handing of cash and cards between patrons or other staff members.

Other Player Rules

  • All players are required to wearing a mask/face shield when they are not at their seat during the event
  • All players are required to give their name and phone number for tracking purposes for each event – these will be held for 30 days after the date of the event.
  • When moving around the establishment players will be required to keep in mind social distancing measures
  • Anytime anyone leaves the building they will be required to sanitize upon re-entering
  • Mountain Bingo reserves the right to refuse service for anyone who does not follow our protocols and or safety measures
  • Tables and Chairs are NOT be moved for any reason unless done so by the event supervisor